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Time for some well-deserved shuteye…zzzzzzzzzz!

Can you make a butterfly with your hands?

I know it’s hard to believe, but I have five fingers just like you.

It’s time to get creative during Art Time. Here we are painting some masks that we made in bright colours.

Let’s get ready for our outdoor activity. Nevermind the rain- we can share umbrellas!

The food was so good that we had to tie Mike’s hands behind his back!

A good desert should always be able to cause a wide variety of reactions!

The night train will soon be making a brief stop at Todoroki!

Wow! It’s a fireworks party!

Let’s turn this whole room into one big futon!

Whoever makes the weirdest face gets 100 yen! Cheese!

The next day, Alice the dog takes everyone on a morning walk.
“Woof! Let’s go!”

How many fingers can you count in this picture?

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